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This page is for information purposes only. Nexco Pharma is NOT involved in the compounding of Nexavir® to make gel, and Nexco Pharma is not affiliated with Village Compounding Pharmacy. Nexco Pharma cannot make any guarantees regarding the efficacy of the gel versus Nexavir® in its original form.

Nexavir® Compounded as a Transdermal Gel

Patented Process - available at

Village Compounding Pharmacy
975 Corbindale Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77024



Village Compounding has provided these answers to patient questions regarding Nexavir® compounded as Transdermal Gel:

  • The gel does require a prescription.
  • The gel is made to order, not kept in stock.
  • Three Nexavir vials of 20mL each are formulated into one syringe of of 30mL gel, delivering 50mg/mL of Nexavir® Liver Derivative.
  • Have your physician write a Prescription for Nexavir® gel 50mg/mL.
  • Comparing Doses - One mL of Nexavir® gel = 2 mL of injectable product = 50 mg.
  • Since the gel is compounded to order, your doctor may prescribe other concentrations. Contact Village Compounding Pharmacy for more information.


Patients must have their physician
fax or phone prescription directly to Village Compounding.

Patient provided copies cannot be accepted.

Nexco Pharma is not affiliated with Village Compounding Pharmacy, and Nexco Pharma is not involved in the compounding of Nexavir to make the gel.

NOTE: Nexavir® is to be used for the applications indicated in the package insert ONLY.  Any off-label use is not supported, recommended, or authorized by Nexco Pharma, its employees and management.  Please contact your physician for use of Nexavir® and its protocol.

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